Friday, April 5, 2013

Eating Chocolate

Well, I found out today that my job offer from a month ago was rescinded.  I had a couple of days of being excited about the new opportunity, a decent salary and benefits before they decided my degree might not be appropriate to the position and put me on hold for a month.  It sucks and I'm eating the pity chocolate my husband got me.

We closed our care management business 3/31 so I currently have no income, nor any immediate prospects for income. I still have the nonprofit consulting business structure but have never made much money at it.  May be time to spend more time promoting that.  I'm also creating my own sequester, and making another round of budget cuts on our household budget.  Good thing I made that last order at the WEBS sale for sweater yarn for the grandsons, cause I'm on a yarn diet the rest of the year.  Time to thin out the stash :-)

Anyone have experience selling on Ebay?  Thinking this is a good time to sell some of the crap I've collected over the years.  I keep reading the minimalist blogs and it sounds great, but I'm a pack rat, from a long line of pack rats. 

Lots to think about...


Saren Johnson said...

Bummer about the job offer. (hugs) Self promotion is the hardest thing to do.

Donna Lee said...

Sorry about the job offer. When I feel like complaining about getting up to go to work, I remind myself that at least I have a job.