Sunday, June 16, 2013

Project Update

I have so many projects on my list, I know I won't finish them all this year. Here's a little of what I've been working on recently.

I forgot to take a picture of my grandson's birth record before I sent it out, but you see it here about 3/4 outlined.  It came out really cute, but compared to knitting this cross stitch takes forever.  Next up will be Ash's Christmas stocking.  I doubt it will be ready for this Christmas, but at 1 year old he won't miss it :-)

I'm almost done with the second Hermione sock.  I've made it a couple of times and really like the pattern.  I'm trying to work outside my usual colors, but honestly can't remember why I thought buying pink yarn was a good idea. These may look for another home with someone who loves pink.
I'm making my son a new watch cap and scarf for the next winter.  This is the Dudester scarf in Berroco Vintage.  It's a relaxing knit and looks classy.  I did get distracted on one row, but I'm not going back to fix it.  I thought this yarn would be softer, but the price is right.

I have a lengthy list of projects planned, so am trying to get through some of my Christmas knitting and quick projects this summer.  Sweaters for the boys, new socks for everyone in the family, a couple of scarves, mittens and maybe a shawl. I love having my yarn closet organized and a master spreadsheet with the shelf numbers.  I can finally find the yarn I'm looking for when I want it.

Life is mostly good right now.  I'm picking up some part time work as a geriatric care manager and doing some exciting volunteer work with a group of brilliant nonprofit folks from all over the world.  I'm learning to sell on eBay so I can start the lengthy process of decluttering and downsizing my possessions.  I doubt I'll ever be a minimalist, but I could certainly do with less "stuff". 
Today I'm going to work more on cleaning out my home office.  The paper piles make me crazy after a while.  I see a shredding day in my future.

Hope the fathers in your life are having a special day today!


Roxie said...

I like pink. (flutters eyelashes coquettishly) I'll trade. Would you like a triangle scarf with beads? Pick a color. I hate to knit socks.

Saren Johnson said...

Having the stocking done for next year is a good goal.

Donna Lee said...

I love to embroider but so rarely pull it out anymore. I used to make wall hangings for all my friends when they got married or had babies but I never made one for my own kids! And now I have a daughter getting married so maybe I should think about it.