Thursday, May 16, 2013

It's all about the rainbow

When you are 8 months old the world just looks better with a macaroni necklace on your head!  Ash was getting ready for his big brother's 4th birthday party. Rowan's mommy went all out to create a rainbow themed party full of color and fun.  One of the most amazing features was the 6 layer rainbow cake.

Guitar Guy and I were fortunate enough to to attend the party and spend a few days cuddling our adorable grandsons.  The trips are never long enough, but we scoop up hugs and kisses to tide us over until the next time.

I took some measurements for fall knitting while I was there.  Unfortunately, I discovered after purchasing more Plymouth Encore, that Rowan thinks it is scratchy.  His last sweater didn't stay on for more than an hour at a time.  I've ordered some other yarns to try (Berroco Vintage, Berroco Comfort and Cascade 220 superwash) but if you have a favorite for kids with sensitive skin, please let me know.

On the home front, I've already filed an LLC with the State to start a new solo geriatric care management.  I'm hoping to just regain a previous contract and get some money coming in again.  In the meantime, I'm doing some of those tasks we never seem to get to, like cleaning out computer files and shredding. 

I've also been doing more reading, in my down time.  I just finished Susan Cain's book, Quiet, about the introverts among us.  Guitar Guy and I agreed that under our family's outer presentation as extroverts, we are all decidedly introverts. We've learned to adapt to crowds and being in the spotlight, but prefer being home with a good book or a few close friends if given the option.

I've also become addicted to Book Bub and the free or cheap books for Kindle it announces daily.  Some of the books are lousy and some good popcorn books (no substance, but fun), while others I've downloaded for the their practical value (selling on eBay).  Between that and the library's online reserve capability, I've been able to keep a good flow of free reading going.

School board is heating up as local parents are fighting the new Common Core standards being implemented by most US States.  As our funding is tied to implementation, the district really has no choice but to move ahead at this point.  Theoretically the Common Core will create unified standards for the skill outcomes of each grade level with the "how to teach it" left to the local districts.  All testing nationwide will be tied to the standards.  There are strong concerns from conservative parents that this is leading to the creation of a national curriculum with a progressive agenda that will brainwash our children.  There is also a lot of concern about the required state longitudinal databases that track 400 data points on children K-12 as an intrusion in to our privacy as citizens.  It is going to make for an interesting couple of years as the school board continues to balance state and federal mandates with local values and no money.  Tell me again why I decided to do this?

Off to run some errands and throw in some laundry.  Hope you are having an awesome day!


Saren Johnson said...

What a great party!!

Honestly, for kids, I use red heart or carbon. They grow so fast and everything they wear needs to be washed daily.

Roxie said...

The rainbow cake totally rocks!

Us introverts need to support one another. I'm loud and flamboyant in public, but I'm happiest curled up with the beloved husband and a book.