Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Christmas time

Sitting at home today, trying to prepare for work, with memories of a great Christmas still so close. Right before leaving Iowa yesterday, my d-i-l took some family photos with her new camera.  I particularly like the one of the 3 generations of Iannone guys together.

We arrived a week ago to a gray and brown landscape, that was replaced on Saturday night by 6 inches of new, fluffy snow.  Rowan wasn't able to go outside to play in it until Christmas day, due to the sub zero temps.  He had hoped to build a snowman but it wasn't a packing kind of
snow.  Instead he and his daddy threw handfuls of snow at each other (and mommy). The rest of us watched from the warm of the house! 

We had hoped to go to the mall to see Santa and see some lights but the ice, snow and generally miserable weather kept us pretty housebound. We didn't do a lot of baking, but I made a couple batches of cookies to make sure we had some left for Santa.  Rowan left instructions for Santa regarding the carrots.  One for Rudolph and one for Dasher.

         We had a delightful time and are already counting the days until we can head back to hug those adorable little guys.  Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday!


Roxie said...

How wonderful! Carrots for the reindeer and cookies for Santa. I heard of one family that would leave Santa a beer and a cigar.

Saren Johnson said...

Those kids are growing so fast.

Donna Lee said...

I haven't left cookies out for Santa in years. Maybe next year.

I love the photo of the 3 generations!