Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Holiday Spirit

What a wonderful time we had in California with the family for Thanksgiving.  Our son and daughter both came with their families, as did my sister-in-law from Florida and Guitar Guy's aunt and uncle.  Each year, Guitar Guy's brother and wife host a Thanksgiving feast ala Martha Stewart for both sides of their family and long time friends.  This year we numbered 31 people for dinner! 

It is a busy, noisy day with so many people in the house but always ends with the last few of us basking in the light of the fire and kicking our shoes off.  The next day a few of us went to the Getty Villa to see the antiquities and then most went to the beach in Malibu.

Living in Iowa, my grandsons have little experience with the ocean.  They loved the tide pools, rocks and beach creatures and got totally sandy and wet.  It was a beautiful fall afternoon complete with a rainbow from the morning's drizzle.  The 4 year old even got a shell in which he can hear the ocean.  That will be a wonderful momento for his 
treasure box.

Back home again, the preparations for Christmas begin. Gifts and cards have been ordered and the baking planned. Two weeks from today we'll be headed to the cold country so not much time remains.  Only one gift knitting project still to do, so that should be done in time.  Instead of waiting for Christmas, I've been knitting through the fall and sending gifts as they were completed.  Feels much less stressful that way.

Today is cold and windy for the desert and we might have our first fire of the season tonight.  Might be a good time to put up the tree.  Guess I'd better go dig out the tree and ornaments.  Lots to get done before Santa arrives!


Saren Johnson said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday. Its fun to watch kids around the ocean.

Roxie said...

What darling babies! Looks like a splendid time.

Donna Lee said...

Oh my they're adorable! I don't think I've ever had that many folks for the holiday (but I think I might like it).

Christmas will be here before we know it.