Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall isn't in the air

Even after so many years in the desert, September always seems like it should be the beginning of fall.  In reality, we still have 100+ degree days and warm nights, and summer clothes will needed for another 2 months.  This year we've been hit with rain from tropical storms, making the air sticky and our streets flooded.  That must mean it is time to get out my fall tablecloth and decorations in a vain attempt to "feel" a change of seasons that doesn't exist here.  Some years that works better than others.

School and work are chugging along and school board has become busy again.  Knitting still is at a minimum, as my evening classes cut in to prime knitting/tv time.  In less than a month I'll be headed out to North Dakota to spend a week immersed on social work with the rest of my class.  I expect that will be both invigorating and exhausting.  I feel for the couple of moms coming with brand new babies in arms and will be grateful for my quiet room in the evenings.

Life continues to evolve as changes are happening with Guitar Guy's business.  More to come on that.  This week I was reading about the family life cycle for a class and how important transitions affect family dynamics.  It was another reminder that we all continue to evolve and change from the day we are born until the day we die.  For today, I choose to think that is mostly a good thing :-)

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Saren Johnson said...

I hope you've avoided most of the flooding. I didn't even think you'd be in the line of water.