Friday, October 10, 2014

Live from Grand Forks, ND

It's hard to believe that I'm sitting here in Grand Forks, preparing for my on campus week at UND. I've known I would be here for a long time, but it's a strange feeling being alone in a city I know little about and not knowing a soul here.  That will all change tonight when the rest of my 50 or so MSW classmates show up for the meet and greet. 

I'm excited and anxious at the same time about a full week of immersion in group therapy practice but am looking forward to meeting my classmates in person, after months of online interactions.  Even with live feeds, it is hard to get to know much about each other beyond the superficial.

Today more people start arriving and I'm off to meet a couple of them for lunch.  Off to shower and bundle up for the cold weather.  Thanks goodness for wool socks!

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Saren Johnson said...

Learn lots this week!!