Monday, February 23, 2015

February Flew By

Sound Bites for February:

* I actually knitted a baby sweater and socks for my daughter's friend and forgot to take pictures

*School is plugging along and my field placement for the fall is shaping up

*Work is plugging along though not as busy as I would like

*My decluttering has stalled and the clutter is reclaiming the table and counter...sigh...

*We had yummy barbecued chicken last night with left overs for another meal

*The cats don't know that I'm plotting to get them shaved this spring

*It's raining this morning, which is weird after a really warm February

*This week we go to visit our grandchildren for a couple of days - Yippee!

*My daughter is in Tampa, FL interviewing for a nurse practitioner program - keep your fingers crossed

Happy Monday!

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Saren Johnson said...

Keep up the good work.