Saturday, March 21, 2015

Marching through March

This week has been spring break and I have thoroughly enjoyed not having classes.  I was so excited for the week off until I realized that A) I still had to work and B) I had tons of school projects to get caught up on.

I did one fun thing this week at least.  Monday night one of our local theaters screened a touring version of "The Last Unicorn".  I've been watching this movie almost since it was released.  My kids loved it and now my grandchildren are watching it.  The author of the book and screenplay, Peter Beagle, is part of a screening tour across the US which includes a Q & A with him and book signings if one is so inclined.

Guitar Guy faded out at the last minute so I went by myself.  It was a smallish crowd of about 50 people, some who had driven up to 150 miles.  The teenagers cleaning the theater had no idea what the movie was about and asked me if it is a "thing".  Actually it is!  People sometimes come in costume and know every song and bit of dialogue by heart.  The remastered version for the big screen was vivid and beautiful and I had a great time.  Big nerd here and proud of it!

Last weekend we had a glorious time in Phoenix with our daughter.  We went to Arizona Broadway Theater's performance of Les Mis, which was excellent, as was the food and company.  Nicole and I love musical theater. Guitar Guy not so much, but he tolerates it for our sake. Did I mention that ABT has amazing frozen fuzzy navels?

Sunday morning I drove to downtown Phoenix to meet up Facebook Fairyland friend Lorri and her furry boy Dodger.  We've discovered we both have Ragdolls and decided to meet while they were visiting for spring training.  Dodger is loving the spring and was sitting patiently by the door waiting for me (or watching the birds).  I gifted him with a lovely catnip toy (one of Pippin's favorites), which was a major hit.  We talked, drank coffee and petted a purring kitty.  The perfect way to start the day!

As soon as I got back to the apartment, the family headed out to The Great Wall for dim sum.  Unfortunately, because we went late, they were low on baked pork buns, which are my personal favorite.  No one left hungry though.  We made a Trader Joe's run so I could stock up on my favorite products.  Those of us who live in the boonies don't have such options.

This weekend won't be nearly as fun as I'm working on school stuff, which will be my life until the end of the semester.  Next week is my internship interview, so please keep your fingers crossed that I can convince them to take me.  It will mean a lengthy drive twice a week for 8 months but I will persevere!  

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Saren Johnson said...

That cat is *huge*!!

Best of luck on the intern front. They'll love you.