Friday, January 25, 2008

I've got the painting blues

I sit here on the couch trying to avoid the ceiling. I know it is up there waiting for a second coat of paint but maybe if I don't look I can pretend I don't need to get up off my fat butt and pick up the roller. I haven't painted this particular room in 20 years and never the ceiling. I started with great intentions and excitement when I bought the paint it took me 6 months to pick out. After 4 hours of prepping the room I remembered why I don't like to paint. It isn't so much the actual slapping new paint on to flat surfaces that bothers me, it is all the taping and spackling and covering that must be done first.

My other challenge is my overweight, out of shape body that is complaining about trips up the ladder and rolling out a ceiling while looking up. I know they tell you an extension pole makes things easier but it also makes my right shoulder tighten up like a rock. Today plan is to alternate ladder and rolling to give my screaming muscles a break. Perhaps by the time I work through two more ceilings and 3 rooms of walls I'll be reasonably competent and less sore.

Oh well, off my ass and on to work.

1 comment:

KnitTech said...

When your done painting your house, will you come do my kitchen? I won't make you paint the ceiling.