Thursday, March 27, 2008

Life is good (at least for today)

I've now been off of work almost three months and am trying to decide whether I really want to start again. If it weren't for that retirement thing looming ahead of me, I could get used to fixing up my house, reading, sitting with the cats, playing on the computer and just generally being relaxed. I even have started knitting again after many years and finished a few projects. Of course that inspired me to buy more yarn than I can use this year. I'm afraid I've started another collection, which is the last thing my poor overstuffed house needs.

On the bright side, my painting is done except for a couple of window sills and touchups! It looks great and now I don't have to feel guilty about painting for another twenty years. I got my new carpet and no longer have to worry about the smell of dog pee infusing the room when it gets humid. That damn dog saturated the pad to the point it was beyond hope. The fact that the dog has been dead for 3 years and I just got the carpet replaced is testimony to how psycho busy I was keeping myself working for people who didn't appreciate my efforts. Once the new blinds get in the front of my house will look almost presentable. Of course now the tile and furniture look pretty sad, but that will have to wait for when I have money coming in again.

I am still investigating the possibility of starting my own business as a consultant since there aren't really any jobs out there other than Walmart or Burger King. I alternate between excitement and sheer terror but at least I'm not bored! Thank goodness for my loving hubby who is keeping the bills paid while I find myself (though he is expecting me to knit him something soon)

My cats and family love me, my house no longer looks like an annex of the city dump and I'm actually living instead of just surviving. Life is good!

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