Monday, March 31, 2008


I decided that today I would put my goals for the week in writing as then perhaps I'll make more progress with them. No, it isn't the employment goals that are the problem, it is all the other items on my to-do list!

I promised myself when I left work, that I would start exercising, catch up on all those annual doctor visits I haven't done and work on all the nasty and boring jobs that need to be done around the house, before I once again am immersed in the world of work outside the home. To give myself credit, some of it has happened (not the exercise).

The issue, as always, is that I'm really not very interested in doing those things. I would much rather read, knit, play on the computer or talk with a friend, so I do. It is so easy to get distracted. My d-i-l got me started on adopting a cyber-puppy on Facebook that I have to feed, play with and train. This weekend I discovered I can get scads of points for training by cyber-petting many other people's puppies. I hate to admit that I spent hours watching tv and doing just that. I even got points to feed a pooch someone neglected. I would think I am a hopeless techno-geek except that thousands of people all over the world are doing the same thing. But I digress. . . .

So, my goal for this week is to get the paint touch up done, the window sills painted, blinds in and the front of the house totally put back together. That doesn't sound like much but there is a lot of stuff to find homes for to make that happen. My other goal is to walk 3 times this week. That seems reasonable and the weather is gorgeous right now.

On the bright side, a friend and I went to see a local theater production of Godspell this weekend. It was mostly high school kids but the energy and quality of performance was awesome. The best part is that I actually did something with a friend I haven't seen much in a long time. I was always too busy to call her. I guess that means my priorities are getting reordered and that is progress.

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Donna Lee said...

I think I could get used to not working outside the house very easily. I daydream about only working part time but it's only a day dream. The govt says I have only 22 more years before I reach full retirement and since they keep moving it back, I'll probably die at my desk. Good luck with the painting and the blinds. My goal for next weekend is to wash the windows and curtains. Spring cleaning, one chore at a time.