Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Grown kids are special

I'm taking time to appreciate my grown kids today. My baby will be 22 in Friday and is coming to visit next week to spend some time with me. Here she is modeling her new hat and scarf I knitted for her.

Despite the fact that we barely survived her teen years(no exaggeration), she has grown in to a lovely young woman and a good friend. In January she showed up for a surprise visit just because she thought I needed the moral support. Later that week she opened her home to me so that I could get away for a few days and regroup before facing the many questions about why I was leaving my long time employer. Now if I can just teach her to knit, we'll have something else to do together! One thing that hasn't changed since her teens are the infamous late night rants but I probably don't need that much sleep anyway.

I also had a chance to talk to my son for an hour on the phone this week (since he is 2000 miles away - sigh). Sure we talk about the plans he and his wife have for their future and how my granddogs are doing. We also talk about movies, music, The Daily Show & Stephan Colbert, politics and our shared passion, the Phoenix Suns. He and I have always been kindred souls and shared a lot of interests but now that he is married, the times we have for just the two of us are few and far between. The upside is that I have a wonderful daughter-in-law who thinks I'm special too.

My granddogs Blue and Stumpy are as close as I'll come to grandchildren for a while and they are very fond of me. I even talk to them on the phone and bring them presents. Now that they are living in the cold Midwest I need to knit some dog sweaters before the snow flies next fall. That fat little weiner dog found the snow very refreshing.

On the progress front, my window sills are painted and blinds in so I can cross that off the list. It is boring to do and write about but I'm glad it's done. Now I have to start putting our many, many, many books back in the bookcases in some sort of order. As a parting note, our cats Merry and Pippin sometimes look like they could serve as bookends.


Donna Lee said...

Merry and Pippin - what perfect names. I have Calvin and Hobbes. I really enjoy having grown children. There's something almost magical about them becoming adult persons in their own rights and relating to them on a new level. I miss my daughter that has moved out but I still have two at home- for now. Two of the three knit. Now to work on that third one.....she's a tough one!

KnitTech said...

Those kitties are lovely!

I stop to type the notes, then I start knitting again.