Tuesday, April 29, 2008

This and That

Thanks to everyone for your support and guidance with the gusset issue. I did figure out how to get those sneaky little stitches picked, did the decreases and am working around the foot now. I'm thinking I didn't do it quite right, but having gone through the process once, it now makes more sense. Particular thanks to Amy Lane for getting me knitting and helping to feed my habit.

I'm off to Phoenix today to visit my daughter for a couple of days, leaving my husband home in charge of the three cats. The cats and husband always take a while to forgive me, as it is evident that this cat momma is the favorite parent! My daughter's roommate just got an 8 week old kitten so I can get my fix. I'm even taking my camera so I can get you a picture.

I talked to my best friend from college yesterday and am planning a June visit to see her. We were inseparable for years,she was my maid of honor,my daughter's middle name was in her honor, yet we have lost touch for long stretches of time. The availability of e-mail helped, as neither of us are letter writers. We realized yesterday that it has been at least twenty years since we have seen each other! I'm sure neither of us has changed at all :-)

I'm off to make plane reservations before anyone's schedule changes and we go another twenty years.


Amy Lane said...

Wow--that gives me hope, I've got some friends I haven't seen in a while either! Enjoy your visit with your daughter--and the bee-bee kitty!!! (Don't forget your knitting!)

Donna Lee said...

Yes, take some knitting. How wonderful to reconnect with someone who was so important in your life. There are a few people I wouldn't mind reconnecting with. And I'm sure you are both still the lovely young things you were back then.