Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Paying Gig

So, for the last three months I have been unemployed after years of working many hours per week at a job I was extremely passionate about. The fates and despised person or persons who shall remain nameless, liberated me from my mission driven, passionate life and left me foundering on the shores of endless unfilled time.

Of course, you say, if had three months with nothing else to do, my house would be spotless, my cats perfectly groomed and my physique improved from the daily exercise. HA! As you know from reading previous blogs, my house is improved but still cluttered with the many books that never seem to find a permanent home other than teetering on the edge of every flat surface. My cats are much loved and believe life is now as it should be but still are not brushed regularly and we won't even talk about keeping up with their cat pan cleaning standards! I refuse to talk about my physique which is not only flabby but wider than usual due to applications of ice cream from the full service freezer.

In my defense, I have spent a lot of time in the last couple of months researching and planning what I eventually want to do with my life. The full service brothel was out since Arizona doesn't allow them and my husband won't move to Nevada. Learning to spin yarn from the endless Ragdoll hair seemed challenging (see brushing above). Given those issues, I turned toward more conventional ideas - one of which is starting a consulting business.

I know, if you find an unemployed executive and you'll find a potential consultant. Being a research nut I've combed the internet and read at least 5 books already on how to set up a consulting business. I've also made lists on paper and in Excel (can you spell A-N-A-L), of all the tasks required. None of that has led me any closer to actually having a paying job.

As of today I have (gasp) a small paying gig in May doing a 4 hour strategic planning session for the staff of a local business. No sooner had I accepted and jumped for joy than I started worrying about whether I really know how to do this. I'm already thinking that Amy Lane mantra "Please let it not suck" as this one little job could be a great reference for other, bigger jobs.

I meet with the person who retained me on Tuesday to gather ideas and clarify her expectations for the session. I've started formulating questions to ask her about the group I'll be working with, the outcome we hope for and how that fits with the organization's mission and goals for 2008/2009.

Keep a good thought for me while I go see what business attire I have for spring that I can still shoehorn my hips in to!


Amy Lane said...

Liberal application of ice cream from the full service freezer--yeah, sometimes I find myself with an entire bowl full, with no idea of how it got there!

It can not possibly suck, darling...just seeing your first knitting project assures me that you are too meticulous and talented to suck!

Good luck!!!

Em said...

Best of luck with the consulting gig! From one Type A personality to another, try to remember to enjoy the fact that someone wants to pay you to tell them what to do. I have faith that you will dazzle them. And perhaps the new gig justifies a new piece or two in your spring wardrobe.

Donna Lee said...

Congratulations! It's really hard to set yourself up in business of any kind. It takes a lot of self confidence. I think you'll do great. That anal-ness will stand you in good stead!