Friday, April 18, 2008

A good week

I'm sitting here listening to the birds sing outside my window and the mornings are still cool enough to be delightful. The terrible wind of the last few days has let up and I was finally able to retrieve the various trash cans and boxes that blew down the street in to my neighbor's yard.

I'm thrilled that several of you stopped by to look at my desert photos. Donna Lee mentioned the vision of reddish earth and tumbleweeds from westerns which can be seen in certain areas of Arizona where those films were shot. Growing up in the green Midwest, I had no idea when my future husband enticed me to move here how many different kinds of desert there are. Getting used to rock yards is a whole other adjustment but the best part is - no mowing!

I went in to my consulting meeting this week armed with the confidence of my family, friends and blogging buddies. The meeting went well and I wore my stretchy dress so I would be comfortable (though I am strongly considering Em's idea that some new spring clothes might be a good idea). I have a rough outline together for the session I'll be leading and now need to do some research for the specifics.

I'm excited about starting a new business but also know I may wind up looking for a "day job" down the line that has health insurance. One of the sad realities of middle age is that if your employer doesn't offer health insurance or you are self employed, you probably are uninsurable on the private market. We currently are doing the COBRA continuation from my previous health insurance, but when that runs out I may be looking for a job with benefits, no matter what it pays. We have a new mall that has been hiring a lot of people but my family is appalled that I would even consider "wasting" my degrees by working at something menial. We've always taught our kids that no honest work is beneath them if it pays the bills, but somehow they think that shouldn't apply to me :-) Thankfully we don't have to worry about it seriously for another year. Much can happen between now and then.

On a happier note, I got to go out on a date with my husband last night. He got tickets to go hear a local swing band, and on a week night no less! We are usually vegetating in front of the tv, not out on the town. It was a lot of fun and one of the perks of being empty nesters - you can pick up and go when you want! My loving hubby also got me new diamond studs for our 28th wedding anniversary on Saturday. I lost one of the ones I've had forever down the shower drain a couple of months ago. These have screw backs so hopefully they won't come loose. What a good guy. I think I'll keep him for another 28 years.


Donna Lee said...

Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating 28 this year too. I find it comforting and wonderful to be with someone who knew me before I was fully formed as "me". And being an empty nester (well, having adult children who still live at home) is great! No babysitters and curfews! And the older I get, the more grateful I am for my health insurance.

Em said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! I ejnoy hearing about people who are still in love after more than a few years (or in some cases, months... or weeks... or days, even). How sweet of him to replace your earrings for you.

Congratulations also on a successful, productive meeting. We all knew you could do it! I'll bet you dazzled your clients.

Amy Lane said...

Definitely a keeper--Happy Anniversary!!!

And sometimes, I really want to get a job at McDonalds or as a sales clerk at Michaels or my LYS--we've taught our own kids the same thing--no honest work is beneath them. And simple work sounds like such a blessing, doesn't it?