Friday, March 28, 2008

Knitting progress

This knitting thing really can be addictive.  I started a wrap for my daughter-in-law which is a lovely blue and lacy.  Getting started was a challenge because I kept losing my place on the lace row and having to rip out.  Once I got past that point it actually started taking shape and I can see that eventually it will be beautiful.  

The problem is that I keep working on my knitting instead of all the other things I should be doing like a business plan and taxes.  It is so much more rewarding to work on something I can see results from.  It also gives me a good excuse not to exercise since I'm not nearly good enough at knitting yet to walk and knit at the same time.  I'm not sure my coordination would ever be that good!  Consequently my ass is spreading out of my jeans which is not a good look for me.

Did I mention that it is getting hot here now?  Summer starts in March and doesn't end until Thanksgiving so I'm already avoiding physical activity in the daylight hours.  That doesn't help the posterior spread either.  

Oh well, I'll think about that another day.  I think my burgandy cherry ice cream is calling followed by some more knitting.  Tomorrow is plenty soon to start that whole diet and exercise thing.

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