Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to the big city

I've been working on getting signatures on my school board petition this week and am making some progress. I love those friends that grab a couple of other people they know, so I can get four or more at a time. I'm doing everything in my power to avoid having to stand in front of K-mart or the grocery store in the heat. Around here they don't let you stand inside, which is a major problem in July!

Tomorrow I'll be off to a National Association of Social Work (AZ Chapter) leadership retreat in Phoenix for two days. I'm not sure how I got invited other than that they included a few new members for perspective. It is at a nice resort and I'm staying at the hotel Friday night. My daughter lives an hour away so I didn't want to drive across town and then back Saturday morning. Hubby is off to his blues guitar camp in Austin, Texas for a week so I'll have control of the remote in his absence :-)

My business license came in for consulting so I guess I'm official. Now I can get my bank account, join the Chamber of Commerce, get my logo, business cards and website and a few dozen other things. The geriatric care business is also moving along and we should be filing our paperwork with the state of Arizona in another week or so. It is exciting and gives me something new to look forward to.

See you on Saturday night and have a good weekend.

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Amy Lane said...

Dang! You're so amazing! You've really managed to make this take off! I'm in such awe of all you do! With that sort of drive, hopefully you can avoid standing in front of K-Mart--that would be awesome! (And I'm excited for you that you get to visit your daughter. How wonderful.)