Saturday, July 26, 2008

Odd Lots

Not a lot going on today. I did finish these basic socks for me (Harlot recipe, Knit Picks Felici) and learned a few things in the process about matching stripes (can you say frog?) I started out great but didn't switch over to the heel flap on the same row with the second sock. I also needed to pick up an extra stich for the gusset as I got holes at the join. Each pair is a step closer to figuring out this sock knitting thing.

This was my first attempt at Sheri 's(Loopy Ewe) baby monkey sock. I had one problem with the heel, in which she has the 3rd row ending with S1 and the 4th row beginning with S1. It didn't work well and I've e-mailed her to see if it is an error. She did these with worsted on a Size 2 which makes for a chunky sock. I'm not sure what size baby it will fit though - any ideas?

The pink and purple socks were made from a generous donation of stash yarn by Amy Lane, who continues to encourage me to the dark side. They originally were going to be a pair of socks for my daughter when she was ill, but Nicole asked that I make socks for the 6 year old daughter of a friend who had surgery. These went more smoothly so my confidence is increasing.

My husband got back from blues camp and had an awesome time. He graciously shared one of his photos performing on the stage at Antone's in Austin, TX, which was their big performance with a live audience. It was recorded, so eventually I may have a video clip for you.

I found out this week that I didn't get the interim position with a local organization I was hoping would jump start my consulting business. Since I am going in two very divergent directions with my businesses, I'm sure eventually one of them will become dominant as far as my time. I'm trying to be patient and just keep moving ahead on my plan but I'm not a terribly patient person. I'm sure this must be another growth experience!
I've started planning with my son and d-i-l to come out for Christmas (which seems bizarre in this heat). They would like a break from the cold this year and really want to see their friends that will be in town over the holidays. Air fares are still pretty horrendous but I'm sure we'll figure something out. I can't think of a better Christmas present than having the family here.
Enough chatting - I'm off to try another baby sock. Happy knitting.


Amy Lane said...

Damn, girl--look at you go! Just taking off and running with socks like that! I love the 6 yr old socks--they really are perfect, and I especially love the pic of hubby at blues camp... isn't it amazing how your guy (anyone's guy) just suddenly looks sexier behind a guitar or a baseball bat? I'm glad he had a good time!

too bad about the interim position--but something will come up. I have faith. (Lots and lots of faith!) And how wonderful that son is coming out. I know that's why my mom loves the holidays--she gets all of us in one big messy dose.

KnitTech said...

Nice job on the socks!

Something better will come along.

Donna Lee said...

Sock knitting is so addicting. They are portable and fairly quick. I started knitting with socks and I've never looked back. I almost resent sweaters because they're so big and take so much time. Your striped socks look beautiful. Now when the weather gets cooler, you'll be ready.

Roxie said...

You are a sock-knitting machine! Lovely stuff. I am so impressed by peopple who care enough to make the stripes match!

Your husband looks like he is loving it. Hooray for him!