Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do I look official?

Tonight was a candidate forum for school board sponsored by two PTA groups but open to the public. I would be the middle one in the black and white stripes just in case you didn't recognize me :-)

The format was a five minute opening statement followed by 6 questions from the audience. We each had two minutes to respond to the question. At the close of the evening we got a 1 minute closing statement. Unfortunately we still have 6 more questions to answer in writing since we ran out of time. Our mayor was the moderator and did a fine job of keeping us all in line.

There are six candidates for 3 seats so the process took a while and they didn't even give us water. I am parched even now just thinking about it. There were only about 100 people in the high school auditorium. Thank goodness for the musical theater I've done from that stage or I would have been totally intimidated.

The newspaper has already posted the article in their web site and I don't think I sound like a total moron. The danger when speaking off the cuff, is that it sounds awkward in print. I find myself thinking, "Did I really say that?"

At least it is over and I'm still in one piece. Upward and onward.


Roxie said...

Yayyy! Good job! Best of luck with the election!

KnitTech said...

Good luck!! I know what you mean about "did I really say that?!"

Donna Lee said...

I am not good in front of people. My whole face and neck and ears get red. Even when I do crisis mgmt for my coworkers, I look like I'm going to stroke out. I admire folks who can sit/stand in front of a group and be coherent. Good luck in the election. Maybe I could vote for you a few times?

Amy Lane said...

Oh yes--you do look official! How wonderful! Good luck!