Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It is good to be back

I made a decision over the weekend. No more high school reunions for me (except maybe the 5oth). It isn't that it was a bad experience, it just wasn't worth flying across the country for. I suspected it would be a small turnout when they had to cancel the formal dinner for Saturday night due to lack of interest. This is pretty typical for our class. There almost wasn't a senior prom the year we were juniors. Our class was supposed to put it on and nearly didn't get around to it. The musical was canceled our senior year for lack of interest. Are you beginning to see the pattern?

Friday night that were about 25 classmates (out of 180) hanging out at the park. The organizers had everything well prepared with lots of drinks and snacks to share. It was a nice evening of catching up on families, jobs and reminiscing a little. None of my close friends from high school attended so after the initial meet and greet, I was ready to go home.

Saturday we all met at a local watering hole to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes and talk more. Only a few additional people showed up and I left early. Part of the problem is that the core group of attendees were from the popular crowd in high school. They are friendly enough now, but their memories of high school are quite different than mine. As adults, we don't have much in common so a few hours together pretty well covers the basics.

That isn't unusual. All of my reunions have convinced me that about once every 5 years is frequent enough to keep in touch. But I usually have a good time learning about people's lives. This time was frankly kind of boring. Our kids are, for the most part, grown. People are starting to retire or are thinking about it. The focus is more on security than creativity. Many are hopelessly middle aged. It made me appreciate all the more the wit, creativity and zest for life I see in you, my blogging buddies!

On the up side, I had a nice time celebrating my dad's 91st birthday and seeing the kids again. Unfortunately, bad weather in Chicago really screwed up my flights back and I spent a lot of time sitting on the tarmac, in the terminal and on my cell phone keeping family apprised of my schedule. I wound up getting in to Las Vegas very late and stayed overnight rather than drive 2 hours across the desert by myself in the middle of the night.

Yesterday I was basically vegetative except for attending a 3 hour school board meeting last night. My cats and husband are thrilled to have me home and today it is back to work on the business plan. Hope everyone is having a good day!


Roxie said...

Sitting and waiting is just exhausting! Welcome home, and hooray for a safe trip!!

KnitTech said...

I have yet to make it to any of my high school reunions. Mine was from a small town school (kids born and raised there) and I came in during the last two years. Did I feel like I fit in? Nope.

Donna Lee said...

We had a graduating class of 560 people. I don't know how many showed up at reunions because I never went. I imagine all of the popular kids still show up but as you said, their high school was not my high school. Glad you're home and safe.

Em said...

I'm still torn about the reunion issue, I guess I'll see how it plays out in a few years, but I imagine it will be the same as yours--the popular people will show up and it will feel remarkably like nothing's changed. I'm glad you got back safely, and that your dad's birthday celebration was a success. Hope the school board meetings get to be a little less boring.

Amy Lane said...

Glad to have you back! And you know, I was like the most bizarre person at the last reunion. I'm pretty vanilla pudding--that should tell you a little about boring.