Tuesday, September 2, 2008

High school again?

I'm getting ready to leave Thursday for my 35th high school reunion. Guess it is time to drag out the year book again, though by now it doesn't help that much. We are all older, fatter and grayer except for those few we all love to hate who still look damn good. I'd like to say the reunion motivated me to lose a pound or twenty but this time it didn't work. Guess they'll have to take me as I really am.

I'm not sure why I keep going every five years except them it is kind of like a longitudinal study. I'm fascinated by how people's lives have worked out. I do lots of listening, talk about my kids and then I'm good for another five years.

I also am going for my dad's 91st birthday! My kids are driving up on Sunday so hopefully we'll have a nice day together. This is a quick trip but should be a nice break. My loving husband is staying home to take care of the cats and keep the home fires burning. He's a good man.

I was incredibly lazy over the Labor Day weekend but did finish the baby monkey socks and another pair of newborn socks for a friend's new baby. Made a little bit of progress on the shawl and cast on the Spring Forward socks. That will give me something to work on while I'm gone.

Now I just need to write a newspaper ad for the Women in Business special insert and four pages of web content for the CarePath website before I go. That may be challenging since I'm still in weekend lethargy, but I've never missed a hard deadline yet :-)


KnitTech said...

Enjoy the reuion. I have yet to make it to any of mine.

Amy Lane said...

Wow--enjoy the reunion! (I was embarrassingly enough knocked up during my 20th. Hopefully I'm thin and published for my 35th--one can only hope:-) And yes--your husband is a great man:-)

btw--I was stash diving and I came across that saguaro sunset yarn you sent me--every time I see it I pet it and think, "Galad is really really awesome."

I may never actually knit with it--I just like thinking of you:-)

Em said...

Enjoy your reunion! I should have a five year coming up in the near future, I think, but I may just skip that one... And happy birthday to your dad! It's wonderful you and your kids get to spend time with him, and that the husband is a sweetheart and will be the domestic one for a while. Good luck meeting your publication deadlines!

Donna Lee said...

I've never been to a reunion and I'm due for a 30-something at this point. The only person I still see from high school is my husband. We all went our separate ways and I'm kind of saddened by that but it must not bother me that much because i never did anything about it.