Sunday, April 19, 2009

I think I'm back in work mode

A realized today that I'm back in work mode, after nearly a year of being sort of laid back. I know I've been getting busy with meetings and all those others little responsibilities I keep agreeing to. That isn't it. I actually feel like I'm getting up and going to work every day. I might even have a routine!

That's probably a good thing, except now I find myself looking forward to weekends. I also resent time taken away from my weekends. That may be why I waited until 10PM tonight to start working on the stuff I need by 8 AM tomorrow. Or it could be that I'm channeling Amy Lane and think writing starts late at night :-)

My Board work should ease up since we hired an executive director for the youth services group I'm affiliated with. There has been a lot to stay on top of the last five weeks. Most of the rest of the Board walk out after a meeting and think, "good -we got that settled". I'm the one thinking, "and tomorrow a letter has to go out on this, we need to order the materials, I need to coordinate with the chair of the committee etc., etc.,etc." Damn my parents for giving me the hyper-responsibility gene!

Now I am really going to bed so I can make my 8 AM tomorrow. Sleep well.


Amy Lane said...

You mean writing DOESN'T start late at night?

Seriously--work is when you do it... and sometimes, when you choose to do it means you work much better than when others choose for you to do it.

Glad you've got a routine... you're probably just realizing how VERY busy you are!

KnitTech said...

It's amazing how much work "weekends" are also. But yes, defend your time off with everything you've got.