Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reading readiness

No, this isn't about preparing children to read or teaching literacy to adults. The title of today's blog refers to the fact that I have about five books I need to read before Tuesday morning. These books are related to the class I'm going to in two weeks. Although I have only had one paying gig doing a little consulting in the last year, I do get asked to share my services for free with various local nonprofits.

Based on that limited experience and my years working in nonprofit organizations, I was accepted to this week long consulting intensive at the Community Drive Institute in Tucson. I am beyond excited to go! The people involved are so positive about being visionary and creating change. I've known for months though, that one of the requirements is to read all of the books and articles published by the group before attending. They want everyone to have a baseline knowledge.

Admittedly, I have read most of what the leader has written in the last 5-6 years so I'm pretty well covered on the articles. I've read two of the books previously, and have used her ideas in my own work with nonprofits. "But you have two weeks left", I hear you say. Not really.

On Tuesday morning I am doing a phone conference to discuss where I am (trying to determine starting level of each participant for this first time course) I would like to have completed the bulk of the reading by then, so I can honestly say I've honored my commitment. Ordinarily reading isn't a hardship, I've just been knitting instead.

I wish I were as talented as some of you who read and knit at the same time, but can envision many dropped stitches and cursing. I guess I will just plug along and do the best I can. Knit an hour, read an hour, knit and hour, read an hour. Oops, I didn't leave room for cleaning in there. Too bad. I guess that will have to wait :-)

I did get the shopping done for dinner tomorrow. We are having lamb roast, broccoli, salad and probably some kind of potato. And deviled eggs. Nothing fancy but still tasty. I only make lamb about twice a year when it goes on sale. Being resourceful, I also picked up a bone-in ham for cheap and a small beef roast (also on sale). I even picked up hamburger and premade a whole bag of patties for future meals. I think I've been inspired by Mother of Chaos to preplan, though perhaps not a whole month of meals!

Now I'm off to work a booth for my youth board. One of the local Rotary groups is doing a fundraiser for us today. Thankfully, after hours of interviews this week, I think we are getting closer to finding a new Executive Director. Keep your fingers crossed that my recent unpaid part time job will go away soon!

Have a wonderful weekend with family.


KnitTech said...

You'll get your reading done. Maybe not as much knitting as you'd like, but reading and knitting will come with way more pratice. I can only do a few stitches without watching, then I'm fearful I'll drop, split, or insert whatever else knitters fear will happen to their knitting when we're not watching.

Your dinner sounds wonderful. We've invest in a food saver (vacuum sealer), left overs are now sealed and I can shop from the freezer. It's a great item.

Roxie said...

Try a simple garterstitch scarf with worsted weight yarn that iseasy and non-splitty, and practice watching TV while you knit. Then try knitting while you read something light and inconsequential. Soon you will be able to concentrate on your reading while your fingers fly along on autopilot. Then it's time for movie socks.

Amy Lane said...

Reading homework is the HARDEST for me--it always feels like I SHOULD be doing something more, and then the book just sits there accusingly and really, it's just tough on the old psyche--I hope you had a good weekend and totally FORGOT the reading... and I'm so late in catching up on the blogging, I'm hoping you've got it done by now!