Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look on the Bright Side of Life

Those of you who immediately thought of Monty Python would have fit well with the group I met last week. Early on someone spontaneously burst in to this uplifting ditty, and it became the theme song for out time together.

Thankfully my head did not really explode from all the learning, though Knittech's suggestion for duct tape makes a lot of sense. Exploding brains are messy I presume. Unlike many classes I've been to, this one asked us to learn a new philosophy to apply to our work as consultants, rather than new tips and tools. Any time I try to rewire my brain for a new perspective it takes a frightening amount of effort.

Each day we were asked again and again - "What is the highest potential for this meeting/group/project/day/person?" Next came "What conditions would have to be in place for me and the organization for that potential to be reached?" and on down the line. In simple terms we used the example of an upcoming trip. The destination is set. Naturally from there we reverse engineer all of the planning that would be needed to reach that destination (what will I need to take, who has to be involved, how will I get there, how much time will each step take etc.) We do it every day.

The meat of the class was learning how to do that kind of work with organizations. The destination is a mutually agreed upon vision (Our community will nurture the potential of all children) From there we help organizations work back to what that would look like, who would have to be involved, what can this group work on, steps, timelines etc.

The whole goal is ultimately for Community Benefit organizations to change the world by focusing on what we want/dream/envision, rather than getting stuck in trying to problem solve present day solutions. Yes, I spent the week with people who paid good money to go to class based on their values re:making the world a better place. It was awesome. The positive energy in the room brought us back excited every day.

We also laughed a lot, ate way to much and talked until we were exhausted. This explains why I got now knitting or reading done. By the time I got back to my hotel room, I was done. Now that I'm back to reality, the February Lady sweater is calling me. Since I have no meetings tonight, that is what I'll be doing.

P.S. Still nothing on the baby. Waiting, waiting, waiting. . .


Donna Lee said...

Waiting sucks.

Your training sounds like our movement toward "recovery". The goals sound the same and the process sounds similar. It's taken a long time for this to take hold because I work in a medical model where we tell people what's best for them. Suddenly, we're asking them what they want and they don't know how to answer.

KnitTech said...

The baby will come when it's good and ready. Then it will be on other people's schedules.

Em said...

I agree, waiting sucks. Know what takes the edge off? Other than hard liquor and drugs? Knitting and listening to books on tape. It's distracting on so many levels that you can't wait and worry effectively. And, you churn out more baby items!

Your retreat sounds like it was inspiring, and so optimistic and positive. What a great opportunity, to get so many positive, focused people together and to work on making a good system even better.

ps-glad your head didn't actually explode. i understand head explosions tend to be messy.

Amy Lane said...

Waiting sucks--and I know what you mean about training--it's been making my brain explode all week too!