Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost ready

My grandson just finally fell asleep and reminded me why having children is a younger person's game! Thank goodness he's so cute.

Cookies are baked and presents are wrapped.

My nose is starting to stuff up and my throat was sore this morning. Sounds like a typical Christmas :-)

Nicole's cats have mostly quit fighting with mine (except for the occasional snarl or growl) I figure they will all be getting along famously by the time hers go home.

HoHoHo and Merry Christmas.


Amy Lane said...

We're nowhere close to ready! Go you!

Roxie said...

Sick for Christmas? Bummer! Next year, try to slow down before you fall down. Meanwhile, savor every bright and beautiful moment -- as much as is possible while you're sick.

Donna Lee said...

I hope the sickness held off or went away entirely (My husband swears that a few bears will kill any germs that his body may be harboring).

I hope the day was a good one for you all.