Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Family arrives soon!!!

Sorry for not posting for a while. I got distracted by work and trying to make a dent in my messy house. I decided tonight that I absolutely will not get everything clean and tidy before the kids get in. I'll just keep working at it and do what I can. As I get older I'm looser about such things. After all, my kids grew up in this house and they know my lack of housekeeping interest :-)

The tree is up but only half the ornaments are on it. I can't find the stocking hangers or the rest of the Christmas decorations. Breathe deeply and go with the flow - breathe. . . .

Cards are mostly out and my dad's box is sent. Most of the Christmas shopping is done but I still need to wrap. I've been through the recipes and bought most of the baking ingredients. Decided to wait to bake until company comes. I'm now approaching 25 lbs of weight loss and don't want to be too tempted by all those goodies.

Tomorrow my partners and I are going to lunch and celebrating our first full year of business. We each made low 4 figures this year from the business but we paid the bills and are growing a little. We'll keep moving forward - slow and steady.

So excited to have all of the kids here, including our friend Briana, who will soon be leaving on a plane from Ghana! Rowan will be here on Sunday (with his parents). I bought baby food tonight for the first time in about 22 years. Too much fun.

Off to hang a few more ornaments


Donna Lee said...

It's been a whole year for the business already? I guess it doesn't seem like it to you.

Rowan gets cuter and cuter! I love having all my kids around me for the holidays. it doesn't happen too often anymore and it's funny how the old jokes come out.

And btw, WOOT on the wgt loss!!!!

Roxie said...

Twenty five pounds? Whoop whoop!!

Your first year of business you're in the black? WaHooo!

That baby is too adorable for WORDS!

Amy Lane said...

That's okay-- you posted the world's cutest baby as a bribe, and I'm hunky dory without you posting for a while!

Congrats on the work-versary, and DEFINITELY enjoy the kids! (And say hi to them for me:-)