Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rowan as Santa Claus supervises present opening on Christmas morning
Rowan's new Christmas outfit from Grandma and Papa
Pop and Rowan open baby's first remote control with buttons that make noise!
Nicole prepares to decorate sugar cookies. The green sugar is particularly popular this season :-)

A great holiday week but I am now officially exhausted! Rowan arrived with a cold and ear ache so now all of us have colds to match his. He has left to go home but his virus remains :-)

The people had a good time but not the cats. Nicole's cats and mine had some serious issues this visit. Although they've been together before, it has been a while. Merry was particularly annoying and slightly stalkerish. Much hissing ensued. Occasional growling and batting took place over the course of the week. Unfortunately Pippin and Micah somehow became entangled and each suffered a broken claw and bleeding on Christmas Eve day. $275 for an emergency vet visit later, both were treated, disinfected and given antibiotics. We won't be trying this again!

The week went much too fast and I abandoned my Weight Watchers log about 3 days ago. The kids all headed home today so the house has become very quiet. Back to reality tomorrow. Hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday too!


Donna Lee said...

Ouch. It sounds like the cats were not in the spirit of the holiday.

It sounds like a good one anyway. Rowan makes an adorable Santa.

KnitTech said...

Cute baby pictures and the outfits are adorable.

It does take a while for kitties to play nice together.

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- poor kitties, but I must say, everybody else looks both adorable, and as though they are having a VERY good time! (He IS the world's cutest grandbaby, isn't he?)