Sunday, April 17, 2011

Home Sweet Home

My first block of 5 days home in over a month! Nicole and I left Phoenix Wednesday night after therapy to make the trek across the desert. Although we were very tired, it was so nice to be back in our own environment and headed to our own beds.

Progress continues in therapy and Nicole is working hard to get back to work and school. I am grateful they aren't giving me some of the cognitive tests they give her - quite sure I wouldn't do well. One of the fun things suggested are games like Scattergories and Taboo that require categorization and problem solving. We've also downloaded some computer games like Azada that use many of the same spatial and problem solving skills that her therapy activities do.

On the home front, Guitar Guy and I are celebrating our 31st anniversary on Tuesday. We don't have the energy or money to do anything big, but will get out for dinner sometime before I head to Phoenix. Hard to believe we've been together that long, especially since my parents were convinced it wouldn't last :-)

One of my weekend chores was taking 2 or the 3 cats to the vet. It appears Merry may have food allergies and required $200 of blood work to see what we should be feeding him. If it solves his bowel and skin problems it will be worth it! Ah the joys of sharing one's home with fur person.

Off to the shower now. Nicole and Patrick are coming over to Skype with the Iowa clan. Video phone is wonderful for seeing my grandson but does require that I look at least moderately presentable!


Roxie said...

But you only need look presentable from the waist up, so you can stick with your sweats and slippers if you want.

Bless your dear heart and all good prayers and vibes to you and Nicole!!

Donna Lee said...

My parents didn't think my husband and I would last either (and it's been 30 years).

I'm glad Nicole is doing better. I was looking for your address so Em and I could send her something. Can you send it to me?
'(I tried to be sneaky but it wasn't working so I have to ask outright!)