Friday, April 29, 2011

Time passes so quickly...

I think I have now officially lost the month of April! When I'm only home for 2-3 days I don't get much accomplished other than putting out fires. The good news is that Nicole continues to make rapid progress with 5 weeks of therapy still scheduled. She graduated to a cane and showering alone this week. Last week we talked about how much we take the use of our muscles for granted until they don't work. Even chewing takes a tremendous amount of energy and can be exhausting (or so I've heard - I seem to be having no problem consuming mass quantities).

The bad news is that our youngest cat, Merry, has severe food allergies including such foods as chicken and venison. He has a very short list of canned foods available to him, none of which Pippin can eat. Dry food has totally left their menu which makes for unhappy cats. It appears they will have to be fed in separate rooms to keep them out of each others food.

Nothing new on the knitting front though I did resume work on a Spring Forward sock. Maybe by the end of May I'll have a pair :-)


KnitTech said...

Yes, time is flying (I alomst put plying). So glad to hear Nicole is recovering in leaps and bounds.

Roxie said...

Oh poor kitties! A friend had dog that couldn't eat ANY canned food. They cooked and pureed lamb with brown rice for three years, and the dog gave them all the love his little heart could hold.

With your daughter absorbing so much of your attention, I wish I lived closer. I would cuddle your kitties untill things settle down for you. Bless your dear heart. Sending you virtual hugs and lots of actual affection.