Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dead sewing machine now?

You know appliances sense when you are in a hurry and choose that moment to break?  My sewing machine (which admittedly has been sitting for about 10 years) refused to work this week.  The motor is revving but the needle won't go up and down.  Oil, I thinks, would do the trick so I got some.and oiled where all the little arrows told me to.  Still no go.

This would not be a problem except that Rowan's Christmas stocking has to be completed and hand sewing is really not my strength.  I don't know anyone that still sews that I can call on short notice.  Was wishing Roxie was closer, as I know she could whip this right out.

I probably will need to replace my 30 year old machine, as fixing it would probably be more expensive than buying a new one.  I didn't want to rush in to choosing a machine, so punted.  I picked out a very basic, inexpensive machine and had it sent to my son's house.  With stocking pieces carefully packed away in my luggage, it will be a completed masterpiece before Christmas.

My son and daughter-in-law will have a simple machine for fixing the seam rips and tears two young boys are likely to create.  Crisis averted (at least I hope so)

Pictures will have to wait until I unpack everything.  Mega wrapping awaits me in Iowa.  I'm sure I will be cursing how easy it was to send all those boxes on their way as the countdown to Christmas begins.

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