Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Gift that Keeps Giving

It started Monday night when my d-i-l announced she didn't feel well.  Norovirus had struck the house!  Over the last few days, one by one, we have fallen victim.  Instead of feasting we are gingerly nibbling crackers and taking lots of naps (in between loads of laundry).

My poor Rowan has never had a stomach virus and was horrified.  We struggled through opening presents on Christmas day before falling back in to bed.  My son became chief cook and nursemaid, while his wife went back to work at the hospital.  Last night he succumbed too, so the grandsons are at daycare today.  Guitar Guy and I are feeling much better today and looking forward to our daughter's arrival tonight.  Hopefully she will avoid the bug and we can enjoy the rest of the week.

It hasn't been all bad, as we've had some time to play with our grandsons (and do some snuggling)

 Sir Rowan prepares to defend us (with his fierce face)
 Pop and Rowan play pirate vs. knight
 Pop overacts the death scene before falling on the floor
Baby Ash sits in his Bumbo chair for the first time.  Very proud to be sitting up like the big people.

Hope your family has a wonderful holiday and is staying healthier than ours!

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Saren Johnson said...

You can never overact the death scene.

Hope you guys are feeling better.