Monday, December 31, 2012

The Gift Revisited

Home again, after our Christmas visit with a little gift from the boys.  My head is clogged, throat scratchy and I can't stop sneezing.  Grandchildren have the best germs!

Guitar Guy has a gig tonight for New Year's Eve and I'm staying home to drink tea and knit.  I started laying out my project list for 2013 and think I already have too many!  I ordered the Downton Abbey yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool to do the Mystery KAL.  I've never done of those before and am looking forward to it.

Yarn is on its way for a Water and Stone sweater for Nicole and another sweater for Rowan.  I think I might try a Baby Surprise Jacket for Ash and have several sock patterns planned.  A baby blanket for March and a Spiderman cap also made the cut.

I've got to finish Ash's birth record cross stitch and think about starting a stocking for him.  Don't know whether I'll get that done before next Christmas or not but I'll give it a try.

Hoping 2013 brings love, laughter, good health and prosperity to your house. Happy New Year one and all.


Roxie said...

You plan your projects in advance? OMG! What a concept. I finish something, and look through the stash to come up with the next object d'art.

Galad said...

I do that too, but with the little boys growing so quickly, I have to plan ahead :-)

Saren Johnson said...

Tell me how the KAL goes.