Saturday, June 28, 2008

Greetings from the great Midwest

Today is a beautiful day, finally. Now that it is almost time to head home, the weather is going to be that amazingly, perfect June type that Iowa hasn't had this year. On the bright side it is perfect for going to the Arts Festival today or tomorrow.

Last night we went to see Wall-E, which was very sweet and well worth the trip. How can a movie without dialogue be so entertaining? It did motivate me to get out and walk more (which you'll understand when you see it) The adults in the theater all seemed to be enjoying it as much as the kids.

My son's weiner dog loves his new sweater that I knit him. I just used some stash acrylic worsted, as I've never tried a dog sweater before and wanted to get a feel for the sizeing. We tried it on the corgi too to see how much altering of the pattern I need to do for his. Stumpy has kind of a thick neck and a crew neck is going to work better for him than the turtleneck. Two sweaters in washable wool coming up for the sweetest granddogs in the world!

This has been such a relaxing and knitting productive vacation. In addition to the sweater I also am halfway through two different socks and still have two days to go on my vacation ;-) It is amazing what one can get done while being lazy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Roxie said...

Photos. We want photos of doggies in sweaters. Pleeeeese?

Donna Lee said...

Yes, photos! We want photos! I knit a sweater for a little girl's kitten once. I tried to explain that kittens don't like sweaters but she was adamant. I made the sweater in fluffy pink acrylic as I knew the kitten would tear it to shreds. Yep. Shreds.

Amy Lane said...

I LOVED Wall*E--and yeah, I spent some time looking at my feet myself after that movie... (mostly, it made me want to follow through on my promise to the CaveTroll to buy him a flower:-)