Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On an adventure to the wilds of Omaha

I leave tomorrow for Omaha to visit my long time friend. I'm trying to imagine how we will stop long enough to draw breath after not seeing each other in 20 years. Most of our communication has been by e-mail in the last five years because it fit in to our schedules the best. We actually don't have anything much planned, so it should be a relaxing weekend.

To put in a shameless plug, she self published a little book about 3 years ago based on her experiences caring for husband, his death and her reconnection with life. It is an illustrated book with an inspirational message called Send Me Tulips (available on Amazon). I've given it to a couple of people after the death of a spouse. I know it sounds depressing but it really is uplifting. Those of you that self publish know what an adventure that is!

I am pleased to report that the house continues to be presentable, the business plan meeting yesterday went very well and I cast on a pair of real socks (as opposed to socklets) to work on during the trip. Thankfully, our Pippin cat also got a clean bill of health this morning after several weeks dealing with the urine crystals some male cats are prone to. He'll have to be on a special diet the rest of his life, but if it keeps him out of pain and peeing freely, I think it is a good trade off.

I'm headed to daughter's house tonight so she can take me to the airport early in the AM. I must have done something right in raising her, if she's willing to get up in the wee hours to play cab driver. I probably will be sans computer until Monday, so hope everyone has a great weekend.


Donna Lee said...

Well, I hope you and your friend have a good catch-up. There's nothing quite like that. We are planning to take a trip next year to Washington state to visit my sister's exhusband. (I like him better than I ever liked her). We haven't been together (he and my husband were Navy buddies)for a number of years and I am soooo looking forward to it. Enjoy yourself!!

KnitTech said...

Have a safe trip. And did you take extra knitting? You might run out.

Em said...

I hope the trip was wonderful (it's monday afternoon by now), and that you both shared a lot of laughs. Isn't it wonderful to have friends that you can keep despite time and distance?

Amy Lane said...

Well, I cheated (or should I say, flaked) and read the first post first--so I know you had a wonderful time and a safe trip! But I'm glad your cats okay, and I know now you have really been converted to the dark side--you brought your knitting!