Monday, June 23, 2008

Short and sweet

I'm safely in Iowa, land of bad flooding. Although the water level is way down, you can now see all the debris that will have to be cleared out. It is hard to imagine what an awful mess it is.

On the bright side, I got to have breakfast with my daddy and have plenty of books and knitting along.

What more can you ask from a vacation?

P.S. In answer to Knittech's question - it get days of restful knitting and don't have to help slog mud and debris. Thankfully, where my dad lives, there was no water damage.


KnitTech said...

Will you have time to knit or will you end up helping to clean up? :)

Amy Lane said...

omg... peace, tranquility, and the odds are good it's not going to flood there for a while... can I join you?

Donna Lee said...

I'm glad your dad's place is dry. So, peace and knitting to you! And a restful visit with dad.

Roxie said...

Peace, knitting, love and dry days to you!