Monday, June 9, 2008

To there and back

I have returned from my sojourn to rural Nebraska and did not blow away in the Omaha tornado or get caught in the flooding affecting so many Midwest communities right now. I did get to sit up in the middle of the night with my shoes on and phone in hand waiting to see if I needed to flee to the basement. Life is ever exciting!

My trip was a wonderful diversion and I don't think my friend and I stopped talking for 3 days. It took us at least 24 hours just to get caught up on 20 years of life experience and family gossip. We didn't really do anything all that exciting as the whole purpose of the trip was to spend time together.

We did go to the Joslyn art museum and the Durham Western Heritage Museum (an awesome art deco building). Yes, I am that much of a dweeb that I love museums, especially when it is hot and humid outside.

We went through the children's exhibit on the Amazon at the Durham and had a very successful turn at finding all the hidden animals with a flashlight, learned fish trivia and heard a song about the tiny catfish that swims up in your bladder (actually kind of scary for little kids). Never let it be said that I balk at making a fool of myself in public!

It was such a joy to reconnect with an old friend and recognize that despite increasing age, weight and wrinkles, the important things we share don't change . Now I have to go convince the cats that they really weren't abandoned or starved in my absence :-)


Amy Lane said...

That sounds REALLY lovely... I just had a call from an old high school friend, and it's amazing how invigorating only a few hours of gossip can be!

Donna Lee said...

The only friend I have left from high school is my husband. I know, it's cute. We were high school sweethearts. Your trip sounds like it was restorative and wonderful.

KnitTech said...

Fun, heart-pounding trip. You'll need to give the cats treats to make up for leaving them.

Em said...

It sounds like you had a great trip, and I'm sure the cats will forgive you eventually, if you just bribe them enough. Romantic relationships are wonderful, but they somehow can't compare to a good, old-fashioned forever friend.