Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby it's hot!

No pictures today as I'm afraid the camera might melt. I ran errands this afternoon because I had a meeting to go to and just about had heat exhaustion. I know Roxie wrote about her love of August, but for me it is about the worst month of the year. It is an ugly month heat/humidity wise and we know it isn't going to get much better until October. It is an endurance contest for the hardy folk who stay in town for summer.

Today I sent my school board candidate statement to the newspaper. I still have to do the one for the country superintendent's website. It was a challenge to balance a confident presentation with not sounding like a self aggrandizing, pompous ass. Thankfully, I've had experience in writing press releases, guest editorials and a couple of features for the local paper or I probably would have been overwhelmed. My one personal guideline was that I couldn't use my newly expanded colorful vocabulary (thank you Amy Lane :-))

On the knitting front, I am sort of stalled. I still have one baby monkey sock to complete. I recently had the opportunity to try the first one on a real baby and now know the sizing to be about 9 months - good for creepers and crawlers. I'm plugging away on daughter-in-law's shawl but it is slow going. It is a simple feather and fan pattern so is not terribly interesting to knit. 8 rows per day is my plan until it is done. I'm ready to cast on the Spring Forward socks in Sunshine Yarns Cilantro. They've been on my list to try since the pattern came out and might be done by next spring! I keep looking wistfully at the lovely fall yarn coming out, but people will be wearing tanks tops and sandals here until November. Sigh.

Now I need to go check out my wardrobe and see what I can squeeze in to for businesses photos tomorrow morning. Hopefully my hair will cooperate too, although the humidity makes that questionable. (I know 50% humidity isn't that much, but to us it feels like 90%) Keep a good thought that I find something in my closet that goes with a brown background, doesn't make me look to fat and comes off half way professional. Hopes springs eternal.


Amy Lane said...

You're very welcome for that vocabulary--the blog's the only place I can really use that!

Good luck with the photo shoot--and with the writing! I have to write a bio myself, and I'm not looking forward to it!

Roxie said...

If I lived in a stinking desert (I grew up in one)I would hate August,too. Thank God for air conditioning and iced beverages!

Good luck with the photo shoot and the job application. And bravo on the writing. That's the sort of thing that wrings the withers!

Donna Lee said...

We are usually feeling the nasty heat in August. The "dog days" have been puppylike this year, not bulldoglike as they have been in other years. Not that I'm complaining! And now that I've said that, I expect it to be blistering for the next week.

Em said...

I know where you're coming from, August is usually the worst month around here, too. We've had an unusually mild summer this year, though, so we lucked out a little with the heat. Let's not discuss the rain.

Best of luck with your photo shoot and the writing. I have faith you will look lovely, and write something confidence-inspiring but not cocky.