Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back to Reality

It has been a great two days at our house with my lovely daughter Nicole. This was our last hurrah before she starts school and has an even crazier schedule. We didn't really do anything all that exciting (except decide swimmers and gymnasts are really well built). She did lots of knitting and finished her hat for a friend's daughter - the same family my socks went to. Nicole thinks pink is not her personal favorite for a color and this yarn was difficult to work with but it came out really cute .

We've spent lots of time gabbing, eating out and shopping. We had to get Nicole's favorite fried ice cream and went out for calamari and coconut shrimp last night. We believe in experiencing all aspects of the food spectrum except vegetables.

We were able to find a smokin deal on a laptop for her at Staples back to school sale and got it fired up last night. She also got some fiber love to take back with her thanks to Wool Girl's summer sale (Miss Babs worsted-colorway Iris). Nicole loves those purple and green combinations so if you see a good one in worsted let me know.

Now it is back to reality after two relaxing days. Vacation time is good!


Roxie said...

What a beauty she is! Those big eyes!

KnitTech said...

Good deal on the mini-vacaction. Then it's back to work. :(

Donna Lee said...

That is definitely a good girly hat! Your daughter is a beauty. It's so nice to have a healthy relationship with a grown daughter, isn't it?

Amy Lane said...

Go, Nicole--what an awesome hat--and what a wonderful, exciting future to go work on!

Em said...

It's awesome you two got to spend some time together before things got even more crazy. I'm sure Nicole really values the time you get to spend together, and the relationship you have. And it's great she found such a good deal on a computer. And a good deal on all the yarn, too.