Sunday, August 3, 2008

A short yarn

This is the beautiful bamboo yarn I received from Roxie's blog contest. It is soft, silky and such a lovely color. I'm waiting for it to whisper to me what it wants to be.

Merry thinks I should donate the yarn to him for a cat bed. I could barely keep him away from it while I was trying to take a photo. That virtually guarantees that it will be laced with Ragdoll hair by the time it becomes an FO.

I went out to hear the husband's band last night and was forced to dance. Somewhere there are photos (which hopefully will never surface since I was terrible). If I keep going I may have to actually look for some club kind of clothes so I don't look like the middle aged frump mom that I am. Wouldn't want to embarass my hot rocker hubby :-)

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Em said...

The yarn looks delicious. Merry has the right idea, falling in love with it! Hmmm, who was it that said kitties "add a certain piquant charm" to knitted objects and photos?

Amy Lane said...

That yarn is so scrumptious--but your kitty is adorable. (They do get awfully fresh with that rival for the most beautiful fiber in the ho use, don't they?)

Roxie said...

Well, the fact that my cats were nesting in the skeins might account for the intrest your cat finds in it. So glad it got there all right. Happy knitting with it!

Willow said...

The yarn looks really lovely! I know this may sound odd, but when I saw you are from LHC, AZ (I've been there several times) I thought, oh, that yarn looks like LHC. A little bit of green tree and lots of blue lake.