Thursday, December 18, 2008

Egad - It's only a week away

I got up this morning in a panic when I realized that Christmas is only 1 week away!!! I have now pared down my "to do" list to only those things that must be done (like disinfecting the hall bathtub which some unknown cat keeps using as an extra litter box).

I am now absolutely sure that the Christmas knitting will not be done by the big day. I do have enough for each person to wrap with an IOU for the rest :-) I should be able to finish by the time they all go home. Nicole will be here from Saturday, the 20th through the 26th and can help with all of the baking and cooking. Dominic and Alex will be here the 22nd through the 31st to eat the cooking and baking. They are all here a long enough time to get a real break from the daily grind.

In answer to KnitTech's question, the baby's due date is May 12, so I'm looking at knitting cotton items initially. I think I have enough of the blue yarn I used for the toddler sweater to make a six month version. I love the color plus it is quite soft and washes well.

Yesterday it was cold and rained all day. That got me in the mood to do more decorating (finally!). We have quite a few buildings for a lighted village but I haven't put it up in a few years. The set up isn't bad but the taking down is a drag. I'm just getting out select pieces and putting small groupings around the living and dining room which adds light at this dark time of year.

Tonight is the Christmas Chamber of Commerce mixer so I'd better go try to make myself look festive. After that I need to do some serious knitting. Probably means I shouldn't have more than a glass of wine at the mixer or I could have some very interesting FO's.


Em said...

It's great your family will be home long enough to relax and take a break from the stresses they're all facing. Have fun at the mixer tonight, it sounds like it should be interesting. Good luck with the holiday knitting!

Roxie said...

How did it get to be this late this soon? Well, you know what? Christmas will come whether we havedone all our fiddly stuff or not. Enjoy what you manage and rejoice in the day.

Amy Lane said...

Yeeeee!!! I love that your kids are coming home for Christmas--that's wonderful! Enjoy all that bustle!