Monday, December 8, 2008

Making progress

I'm making progress on my holiday knitting, which is more than I can say for my Christmas cards. I do have the cards purchased and sitting on the table, so might get them out before the 25th. Today is the day I need to make my plan for getting the house clean and cooking/baking that needs to be done before the kids come in. We do a lot of it together (like decorated sugar cookies) but don't want to spend all of our time in the kitchen.

It is amazing to me that I've been off of full time work for almost a year and at least half of my house is still a disaster. When I was at the office 50-60 hours a week I blamed the mess on lack of time. I have now affirmed that my clutter is out of control because I hate to clean and my husband isn't terribly picky.

The bedroom where my son and daughter-in-law will be sleeping still is about 1/3 full of old family photos, books that don't fit in the bookcases, wine from our vineyard tour 4 years ago, collectibles I don't have room to display and artwork I haven't gotten rehung since I painted in the spring. I suspect, as in past years, it will all go out in the garage on a table for now. If it were a financially flush year I'd put them up in a hotel and call it good but alas, that will not happen. On the bright side, that bedroom used to be 3/4 full so I have made a lot of progress. Sadly, cleaning the bedroom only shows how dirty the carpet is. For that I'm calling someone in!

Now that I have whined a little, I have 1/2 of each Christmas knitting project done with two weeks to go before the kids start arriving. Since these are pairs of items, I can at least put one under the tree and give an IOU for the other :-) There also were some creative suggestions on a previous post about knitting in front of people or giving the yarn with an IOU! Next year I either start earlier or skip the holiday knitting.

I did get the baby sweater knitted but still have to weave in ends and put the buttons on. Except for a couple of minor booboos, I think it came out very well and well have pictures later in the week.

This morning I have two more school tours so better get moving. Later.

I have a couple of other kind of cool projects I'm working on for Christmas but can't post about them here since at least one family member reads the blog occasionally.


Roxie said...

I tend to clean house by shoving things into the guest room. We haven't had guests in three years, and I think the pile has reached critical mass and become self-renewing. I, like you, am not a housekeepin' woman, and my husband isn't picky. Aren't we lucky to have found them?

Have marvelous holidays!

KnitTech said...

Grilltech will start picking up if the house starts looking to bad. Which makes me clean... kinda.

Christmas cards this weekend. Christmas knitting? Yea... not good.

Donna Lee said...

I hadn't thought of cards yet. Great, now I have something else to worry about! Actually, I don't sent out too many Christmas cards. It wouldn't take too long.....

Em said...

I don't actually send out Christmas cards, since that'd be a lot of work. I mean, since I see everybody I'd give a card to, anyway. Here at chez Hendryburnswood, we play the whoever can stand the filth the longest gets absolved from cleaning it because somebody has to break down and clean eventually. Thus, Mike has not cleaned the bathroom once. Not once in a whole year. I'm going to go on cleaning strike next year, and see how that goes.

Amy Lane said...

"I blame the mess on the fact that I hate housework and my husband isn't picky!" *snork* Amen sister!