Friday, December 12, 2008

Knitting photos

This will be a quick one as I'm off to meetings again, but wanted to show you the completed toddler sweater. I learned so much and am happy with how it came out despite a few errors. I need a good method for weaving in ends though, as one pulled out in the wash.

I couldn't get a good take on the color, which is a royal blue and much darker than it appears here.
Once I know the sex of my future grandchild, I'll try another one.

I also took a picture of the weiner dog's sweater although it looks pretty much like a long tube. His mom will try it on him and then let me know if we have to make any adjustments over Christmas. I used Universal's Classic Chunky LP, which is a wool, acrylic blend and knits up quickly. TaTa for now.


KnitTech said...

Are those soccer balls for buttons? (I can't remember if you mentioned it or not.)

Very cute items.

Galad said...

Yep, soccer balls. It takes pretty small buttons, so I really had to look for something that would work.

Amy Lane said...

Wonderful sweater! Where did you get the pattern!!! (Isn't the dog just one long tube? The sweater should work perfectly! And I love Universal yarn-- 20/80, soft and purty. Good stuff.)

Roxie said...

A sweater for a toddler and a sweater for a doxie. You are a generous woman!