Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To the great Phoenix and back

For the last twenty four hours I've been off to Phoenix for school board orientation. I now know enough about school finance formulas to recognize how much I have to learn. It is going to be a busy year trying to figure out which end is up.

It was definitely a worthwhile day, just really long. Since the Superintendent and I drove down and back together, I had lots of time to ask questions about what I heard. I'm getting a rudimentary understanding of the numerous acronyms and educationese. It is way more complicated than speaking knitting as a second language.

I'm tired after stuffing my head full of facts, figures and laws. Bed is calling and I plan to answer :-)


Roxie said...

Good for you for taking time to learn how to do your job! Yayyy!

KnitTech said...

That's great you're learning.

Amy Lane said...

Personally? I'd rather speak knitting! But good for you--trip well spent:-)