Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's cold and flu season again

For the last couple of days I've been struggling with a scratchy throat, itching eyes and that dry hacky cough that keeps you awake all night. I'm not sure at this point whether it is allergies or a cold but it certainly is annoying and messing with my schedule!

I therefore gave myself permission to do pretty much nothing today. I reviewed some bylaws for a local nonprofit and typed up some notes for the new president. That led to a much needed nap due to the stimulating content. It's been a tough day LOL.

We had wild winds blowing through today, so of course all of my campaign signs are down again. Sigh. Sigh. I'll probably have to make one more attempt at putting them back up since the election is less than two weeks away.

I've talked to my daughter (loving nursing but still exhausted), my son (trying to stay on top of all those papers to be graded), my daughter-in-law (3 tests this week and starting to show just a hint of pregnancy) and my dad (asking if I thought he'd like beef stroganoff). Just call me communication central. Thank goodness for unlimited home digital and cell phones that let us stay in touch.

I've cast on a baby cardigan for a friend's little boy. Since I've never done a sweater before I may need some helpful hints. I'll keep you posted.

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Amy Lane said...

Let me know how the sweater goes... I really love cardigans--moms & dads get so much use from them!