Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Keep your puppies safe

First, thanks to all of you who responded to my last blog. I sometimes have to be reminded that there really is a lot on my plate and I'm not a slacker for being tired. Dad seems to be coping and is managing with the resources we put in place. He still gets very down about the sudden change in his life but is trying to keep moving forward. Most days that is all any of us can do.

My word of warning this week is to keep your dogs and cats safe from coyotes. Over the weekend my good friend Sue had her dog killed in the fenced back yard by a coyote that sailed right over the wall. Sue and her husband knew the coyotes were hanging around the neighborhood and were trying to be especially careful to go out with Taz or check the area carefully. In a flash it was too late. Although coyotes are particularly plentiful in the Southwest, they exist all over the country and are very smart.

On the bright side, hubbies band played over the weekend and sounded great. Our daughter came for the day to hear the band and brought her new boyfriend. Surprise of surprises, we both like him. (If you knew our daughter's dating history you'd understand that one). It was great to see her except for the dark circles that have reappeared under her eyes. Twelve hours of sleep per school week doesn't count as rest.

I'm off to run my morning errands as the fur people are out of food and I still have a box of campaign signs in my back seat that need a home. Have a great day!


Amy Lane said...

The fur people-- some of my favorite people are fur-bearing! I've got a friend who lives in horse country (10 acre parcels are considered small) and she has become what amounts to a link in the coyote food chain: she feeds the feral cats and the feral cats feed the coyotes. She's lost some of her favorite cats that way.

Roxie said...

Coyotes are survivors right up there with cockroaches. We are making their lives ever so much easier - providing lots of urban cover and plump, stupid food. Deer, however, are responsible for more human deaths than coyotes.

Donna Lee said...

We don't have coyotes around here that I know of. We do have raptors, hawks and turkey vultures that can carry away small cats and dogs. I love to watch them but I have noticed that we have fewer rabbits around than we had before.