Friday, October 3, 2008


I'm sitting here on the couch trying to get motivated to pack, clean the cat pan, shower and all those other little things I need to do before driving to Las Vegas to catch my plane. It is pretty sad that the only thing I go to Las Vegas for is an airport, when people come from all over the world to party there. I'm either hopelessly boring or have just lived near Vegas for too long (I'm pulling for the latter).

I did attend the training on the open meeting law and found it as stimulating as I thought it would be. Major Yawn. The lesson I came away with is that you shouldn't really talk to any board member outside of a meeting - you might violate the law and someone could think you are colluding on school business. I get the intent but the application is just stupid!

I finished my five more questions from the forum. They included things like, "Is it important to fund athletics?" Do you think that is a hot potato? In 200 words or less I focused on the need for all extracurricular activities for a well rounded education and then pushed the state tax credit to help support them. Our override is due for renewal in another year and if the economy hasn't picked up, probably won't pass. Then not only will extracurriculars be on the chopping block, but art, music and pretty much anything other than the 3 R's. UGH. I picked a great time to run for school board didn't I?

I have to admit to you all that my knitting has been at a stand still for the last month. This has not stopped my stash from growing (Harry Potter yarn did come out after all). I have been spending way to much time playing on the computer in the evenings. My addiction is not new, just revitalized. If cutting down on computer time works as well as my diet, I'll be on the computer 24 hours a day.

On the exciting side, I got new family room furniture. I would like some proper appreciation for stimulating the economy, which I'm sure will help us turn the corner on this subprime mess!
Our recliner sofa mechanism broke for the fourth time and it just had to go. The timing wasn't the best - I was pulling for it to go another year. Anyway, I got a new sofa and love seat and matching tables. It looks like grown up furniture and when I get back I'll take a picture for you. Since I am not a grown up, I have already gotten a salad dressing spot on the sofa. Now it feels broken in.

I'd better get moving on those morning chores or the plane may leave without me. Have a great weekend.


KnitTech said...

Have a safe trip. They may cut art and music; but never sports. It way important in "their" view. Less then a month to go before elections. You'll be running around like a chicken soon.

Donna Lee said...

So, do board members have to wear carnations in their buttonholes or signs or something so that you all don't talk to each other outside accidentally? Or are there only a few of you so that you can remember who is who and not talk outside the meeting? What a silly rule. Our school board members are all neighbors. It could be sticky....

Em said...

Budget time was always the scariest part of the year when I was in school. Athletics weren't my thing (but oh, they were the school's!), and we were always well aware of how precarious funding for any of the arts was. Have a safe trip, we'll miss you while you're traveling.

Amy Lane said...

Definitely have a safe trip! Now that the economy has dumped, I'm waiting for something bit to break. Life does that to you, doesn't it!