Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still not better

I am now pretty sure my cold has turned in to bronchitis. I've had it a number of times before (back in my smoking days) and recognize the constant cough and technicolor drainage. I'm doing all the things I know to do but still am only getting a couple of hours of sleep each night. The cats think I have taken up residence on the couch, except when I've got my face over a steaming pan of water with a towel over my head. That one really confuses them :-)

I know that current wisdom is that bronchitis is viral and I'll just have to deal with it, but I think I'll try the doctor tomorrow for some heavy duty night time cough suppressant so I can sleep. Hopefully they'll decide it is a bacterial infection, give me antibiotics and I'll feel better in a couple of days.

My goal for the week is to get the new business computer set up. I have to arrange with the geriatric care software company to get our charting system set up and then do a bunch of data entry. That should keep me out of trouble for a while (a week or so anyway).

On a totally different subject, if any of you are in to Homeric works, the Sanguine Gryphon's Kypria line of yarn is fascinating. She's been working on reconstructing the Kypria, lost in the 3rd century CE, which was the 3rd Homeric work, containing stories of the events leading up to the Trojan War. Each colorway contains a small piece of the story. Those of us who have a skein or two are adding our pieces on Ravelry so we don't have to buy every colorway to read the whole thing. My husband is still trying to figure out what Homer and yarn have to do with each other :-)


KnitTech said...

Icky, hate being that sick. I haven't seen the Homer version of yarn. I might want to check into it.

Donna Lee said...

Oh, yes, get the cough syrup with the codeine! It's what gets me through the bronchitis. I am trying to get along without extra antibiotics but because of my history, the first thing they do is write the prescription....I hope you get some sleep.

And some parts of the Sun card are definitely true. I am generally a cheerful and strong person.

Roxie said...

Knock-out cough syrup is da bomb! I do hope they give it to you. Have you tried eating lots of garlic? It has certain anti-viral properties. A friend of mine does chicken soup with a whole bulb of garlic. Tastes delicious, gets you lots of warm fluids, and can't hurt.

Oh, and try a big bite of wasabi, kosher horseradish, or Chinese mustard to loosen that mucous.

Amy Lane said...

Oh gees--I miss a week and you're sick and I wasn't there!!! I've skipped ahead so I'm glad you're feeling better...but how icky. I hope you at least enjoyed the next post (titled sleep sleep sleep!)