Sunday, January 18, 2009

Arizona Rules

In an amazing turn of events both the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Cardinals won today! I admit that I am not a football fan, but even I had to get excited about the Cardinals finally going to the Superbowl. One of my business partners has season tickets, and has sat through many painful seasons to get to this point. Huzzah for the underdog Cardinals!!

Darling daughter and her girlfriend spent the day with us yesterday. We are getting rid of some furniture and our DD wanted it for her house. Friend has a truck to pick up said furniture so all was good. We did lots of eating out (Mexican including fried ice cream and Thai for dinner) and went to two different places along the lake for drinks. The weather is perfect for sitting outside at night under the heaters or fireplace and watching the lights reflecting off the water. All in all a very nice day.

The down side to all that eating (combined with way to much indulgence over Christmas) is that my jeans are now bursting at the seams. I think it is probably time to start Weight Watchers with Amy and Roxie and start working on healthier living for 2009. That would be a good first step. I'll have to see what kind of deals they have after I get back from the ice box that is Iowa.

Yes, I am off to the frozen wastes again to visit my dad. He's been saving up chores for me like getting his car (that he doesn't drive) serviced, going to the doctor and visiting the other four grocery stores he used to frequent. I usually have quite a bit of knitting time in the mornings and evenings so that is a plus.

I now have two socks done. They are for different pairs, but I have two done. I'm thinking about making some heavy socks for my son and have some Cascade 220 in my stash. I am a little concerned about the felting risk if he doesn't wash them carefully. My son is the laundry person at their house and already has some merino clothing so probably can handle it. Has anyone used Cascade 220 for socks before? How did they hold up?

I've been looking at the February Lady sweater and thinking about making it for my pregnant daughter-in-law. Having only one toddler sweater under my belt, I'm not sure whether this is too large a project to take on for completion by the end of February. I saw several pictures on Ravelry of pregnant women wearing them and thought it would be a nice surprise. The plus is she can still wear the sweater after she delivers. Anyone here made it? Thoughts?

Hubby and I have now finished Season 3 of Supernatural and were frustrated to discover the Season 4 episodes are not available on the CW website. Thankfully, my smart spouse thought of Itunes. I am now downloading the last two episodes available so we can get caught up. Of course now we need a new obsession. Any recommendations?

Time to start dinner though I have no plan. This is why Godfather's Pizza is on speed dial.

Which PPG are you?


Em said...

I hope your trip to the frozen wastes is productive and peaceful. It's great you're able to go see your dad so frequently, I'm sure he appreciates it.

As far as a new obsession goes, Jim and I are completely hooked on House. I don't really watch much tv (unless you count the food channel, but i think that's educational and therefore not actually tv), but I have re-arranged my schedule to follow this show.

KnitTech said...

House is a good one. If you like sci-if then Battlestar, Dr Who and Torchwood are good ones. People seem to like 24 - but I'm not one of them. I'll eventually get Monk.

Hope the trip is safe.

Roxie said...

I'm a long-time Dr. Who fan. I love the cheesy special effects of the early shows.

Praying for traveling mercies for your visit to your dad. Wear a hat!

Amy Lane said...

OKay-- make your next new obsession Firefly-- there's only 16 episodes, but they're good ones! (Freaks and Geeks is also pretty good, as is Farscape!)