Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner was good

Well, the dinner is over and it mostly seems to have gone well. I haven't bothered unloading the car as it can wait for another day. I would up going to Walmart and browsing the candle aisle for centerpiece ideas. The restaurant had some of those round rose vases that I filled part way with dark blue glass beads. Added a votive in the middle of the beads and 3 votives around the vase. Put it all on a round mirrored tile with some purples and silver confetti sprinkled around and called it good. Unfortunately we now have to store it for another year but the mirrored tiles can be used for many kinds of decorating.

I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of pink roses as a thank you for my work on the dinner. A very nice gesture for sure. Now I have to keep the cats from eating them. The last time I got flowers they knocked the whole vase off the table resulting in glass and water everywhere. I'll probably have to lock the flowers in the bathroom tonight to keep them safe.

I have some follow up today and receipts to turn in - all the usual post event clean up stuff. This year I'm hanging on to all of the samples of the invitations, agendas, certificates etc. Last year's hard copies have all been misplaced.

Not much new on the knitting front. I haven't gotten much done but the yarn did come in for the February Lady Sweater. Now I just have to read all the recommendations on Ravelry so I don't wind up frogging it like some people have.

Have a great weekend!


Roxie said...

Bravo! The centerpieces sound stunning! Very sophisticated and elegant.

Donna Lee said...

I agree. The centerpieces sound perfect. How can you go wrong with candles and mirrors? I made that sock pattern. It's a good one. They're some of my favorite socks.

KnitTech said...

Which yarn did you get?

Em said...

It sounds like you did a masterful job creating the centerpieces. I hope the flowers last at least a few days for you. Maybe you should have a staff meeting about playful antics and when it is and isn't appropriate to eat plants. Because, you know, cats are good listeners.